RIDGID Compound Miter Saw MS1290LZA, Up For Review

Lets discuss the Ridgid MS1290LZA miter saw. This saw has lots of capacity! It will certainly cut 2 x 12 ″ at 90º, as well as since it's a compound miter saw, it turns and also revolves both left and right of 90º!



The use of this saw is leading notch. The individual interface locations are plenty large for very easy use, yet not so large that they get in the way of running the saw. I specifically like the table lock lever, as there is actually a sector under the table that you can draw against while securing the table right into placement.

The Y axis lock is also succeeded and also fits to utilize. This is a web cam lock that holds very securely with the advantage of being very easy to tighten and also loosen up. The two stage trigger is wonderful. It's a rather typical layout nowadays, yet the ergonomics are area on and also really comfortable to make use of.

I discover it much more comfy to use the web of my hand in between the thumb and index finger to dispirit the trigger lock as opposed to just using my thumb to push the button. The lock does not need to be held while the saw is running though, so if it's not comfortable for you to hold the trigger lock while using the saw, that's likewise an alternative.


The hold down clamp is very pleasant. Perhaps I lag the times and also undoubtedly, I do not typically utilize the hold down clamps, however this simply could obtain a workout. It's a quick release clamp which implies that you just hold a button that disengages the strings on the clamp, enabling you making quick adjustments, then launch the button that re-engages the strings. This allows you to clamp down your board for safe and also exact cutting.

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For those of you mounting crown molding, making picture frameworks, or regularly reducing angles, you'll enjoy the detents at the most typical angles. The base revolves and also secures well right into area with wonderful repeatability at 0º, 15º, 22.5 º, 31.6 º, 60º, and 45º. Not reducing on a detent angle? No problem ... this is truly simple as well!

Simply unlock the table, revolve the detent thumbwheel right down, and also readjust the table as you please. Revolve the thumb wheel back up and secure the table right into placement once you have actually located the angle.


The surface finish of the workplace are good as well as smooth to ensure that boards slide easily. The fencing is adjustable to allow as much support of the work pieces as possible, as well as has placing openings for a complementary fencing. The surface area of the fencing is a little extra crude though for included grip to your work item while cutting.

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The fencing additionally has a location for creating to ensure that you can mark the length of boards for duplicated cuts. It's a great feature, yet I would certainly set up a stop block if your repeated cuts should have a high degree of precision.

The blade that comes on the saw makes a top quality cut. I attempted a variety of woods consisting of spalted maple, cherry, plywood, oak, and also hickory, all with excellent outcomes. I have actually not had the saw long sufficient to speak to the blade's durability.

The miter assesses are extremely simple to continue reading this saw as well as they're additionally flexible! The crystal clear plastic is top notch, isn't really lightweight, and is rather durable. An additional attribute I really such as is the blade lock for transport, which functions as a depth quit. Right here the saw is established for transportation or storage.

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In this configuration the saw awaits regular use making use of the complete cutting capacity of the saw.By setting the dial at different factors, you could vary the depth of cut, which is wonderful for laying or slotting boards out hand cut dados.



Out of the box, the saw has side to side play, which is obvious without gauging devices. If your intent is to make high quality woodworking with miters that are smooth right off the saw, then you will certainly require to invest a little time calling in the saw.

As you tighten up these screws, you'll boost the precision, yet it can make it challenging to control the saw if you over tighten. For the substantial majority of woodworkers from enthusiasts to semi professionals, the accuracy of this saw from the box is more than adequate and also need to offer you well. If you resemble me and simply need to have things right ... invest a couple of mins to call things in as well as you'll be in pretty good shape!

Regrettably I was unable to take every one of the slope from this saw even after going through the adjustments a few times. When I started woodworking, I started with a relatively inexpensive 10-inch miter saw, then switched to two different 12-inch sliding compound miter saws. It seems that the "head" of the saw has a bit of shake that I can't eliminate which could shake off the angles a bit in the x and y.


Fortunately is that this disparity is probably as well minute for most to stress over, as well as you're most definitely in the clear if the stating "caulk as well as paint make it what it ain't" applies to your job. The dust collection on this saw might be much better. Dirt will certainly spray to either side while reducing if you just make use of a cutting action to reduce through the wood.